How Many Times Have You Driven Past Those Landmarks?

When driving down the road, how many times have you seen the California Historical Landmark markers on the road and said to yourself: “Self, w

The first of many...

hy don’t I stop and look at that place?” I certainly have done it more times than I care to recall. Well, no more!

Why the change of heart? Last fall, Gail and I were on a bicycle trip from San Francisco to Orange County riding down Highway 1 in San Mateo County. It was still a long way to our destination (Santa Cruz) and we were approaching the Pigeon Point Lighthouse. Do we stop or do we pass it? Gail said “It’s a quarter mile out of the way…let’s just go.” Since we were starting a 570 mile bike ride, I said “No. Never more! We will stop and see this thing!” (Of course, I didn’t mention that I had to pee, but that is a separate matter). We stopped, we observed, and that was the start.

We have decided that we are going to visit ALL of the California Historical Landmarks. Not surprisingly, California has an entire bureaucracy surrounding these things, which we will discuss at a later date. Now, suffice to say that we have “officially” visited over 1% of the 1,020 official landmarks. More to come later…


2 responses to “How Many Times Have You Driven Past Those Landmarks?

  1. You might as well include the US Historical landmarks while you are at it.

    • I probably should but we hope to wrap this effort up sometime before the Obama girls are finished with law school and have passed the Bar…

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